High quality and low price point. Water soluble nutrients that growers love. A complete hydroponic nutrient line for cannabis cultivation.
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High-Quality Cannabis Nutrients = Happy Clients. Raves & Reviews About Ambrosia Cropz’s Services & Water Soluble Nutrients

“…I have saved money on nutrient costs while increasing quality and yield.”

Ambrosia Cropz nutrients are the super user friendly water soluble nutrient for anyone who’s serious about the chemistry that goes into their plants. They are also the only nutrient line I have seen to date that has literally 0 hygroscopy issues. Stays bone dry and never turns into that nasty sludge. Besides the lit nutrients the people in the company are as real and solid as they come. Ambrosia took my game to a whole new level and I’m mad blessed !

Kiyan Owner / Candy 🍭 Paint 🎨 Flowers, Los Angeles California

Since switching to ambrosia Cropz over three years ago, I have never looked back. From ease of use, cleanliness & chemical compatibility, in house manufacturing, price point and the customer service, Ambrosia Cropz will check all the boxes. 

Jon Owner / Slab Lab Consulting Denver Colorado

Not only did we see gains in yield and quality, we also saw customer support like no other. Aaron would regularly visit our farm on his trips to the west coast and offer us new tech on how to mix easier and adjust according to our needs. Ambrosia is a big part of our success and we’re hooked for life!

Danny Owner / Bono ape, Humboldt California

We made the switch to ambrosia and never looked back. Super easy to use , mixes well and supplies your plants with everything they need. I would put it up against any nutrient line out there. None of the bags have ever came clumped or mouse and the powders are dry and consistent.

Adam Owner /  Archive Oregon

With Ambrosia Cropz, I can count on consistently dry, pure concentrates and high quality results every time.   Having used many other other products over the last 20 years, there's no other nutrient line I would choose over AC. Plus, Aaron provides some of the very best support and service in the industry. 

Jeff Owner / Wyeast Farms, Oregon

 Just wanted to say thanks for the help with questions I had when switching to Ambrosia from Advanced!I should have switched years ago! Thanks for providing Top quality nutrients👊🏻 Greenhouse is going off.

Nikolaus Owner / Cutting Edge Cultivation, Ordway Colorado

As a commercial producer in a regulated recreational market, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Ambrosia Cropz both as a company and as a product. From a customer service perspective they are second to none; product support inquires are responded to in minutes and orders are typically filled day they are placed. The product speaks for itself performance-wise. We switched over from an outdated program, and ran Ambrosia Cropz side-by-side against another very popular bagged salt fertilizer program and the results were incredibly clear - Ambrosia crushed on all fronts. Since we made the switch, plant health is noticeably better, yields have increased, and overall quality has improved substantially. In regard to technical application of the product, the stock solutions mix incredibly clean and have no noticeable precipitate issues when mixed inline. It’s an easy to use program that just plain performs.

Patrick Gunn lead cultivator / Smokey point productions, Washington State

After years of R&D we couldn’t be happier with the results we  repeatedly get from ambrosia nutrients. The health and Vigor of the plants is unmatched. All the inconsistencies we were seeing with other  nutrient lines have disappeared. We couldn’t be happier and the quality of our flower has never been better! The best part is it’s manufactured right here in Colorado!

Owner / Haylow farms

In 2021 we brought in Ambrosia nutrients for our clients to have a nutrient line that could replace all the expensive watered down or inconsistent  nutrients available in today’s market. If you are looking to get your cost down and yield up, without  sacrificing quality this is a great place to start!!

Owner / The Trim Shop, Colorado Springs Colorado

Ambrosia sets the standard for “dry” fertilizer. The ratios are perfect and the owner Aaron is always a phone call away. Can’t beat it!! Bonus points we smoked a joint together.  Verified ✅ 

David Owner / Preferred gardens, Sacramento California

As a company, we have systematically scaled up in volume since 2018.  We have an extremely high standard of quality we believe cannabis should be grown at and Ambrosia not only met that bar, but helped us take it higher.  They were instrumental in our success!

Dave Dorsett Owner / Southern Flower, Pueblo Colorado

11 years in business and Ambrosia is the easiest vendor we have dealt with. Never a back order, and the owner is a man of his word no matter the situation. Pallets are always wrapped well and protected.

VM Indoor Garden Supply / Portland Oregon

The liquid nutrient I used i loved but it was costing me about $1200 a cycle per room. I started testing powders after vegbloom and frontrow i just about gave up. Thankfully i tried Amborsia and it delivered. 46lbs off 15 lights was nothing to cry about. I leave the bags open in a humid room and they don’t turn to tooth paste ether. Mixes well and stays stable for 7 days at a time .🤘🏻


Mammoth Farms has used Ambrosia Cropz exclusively for both indoor and greenhouse hydroponic cultivation. We have not used another fertilizer that provides comparable results. Ambrosia Crops allows us to keep our price-point low and quality high. Bottomline, we would not be competitive in large scale commercial cultivation without Ambrosia Cropz’ fertilizer.

Justin Trouard - Mammoth Farms, CEO

I have been extremely satisfied with Ambrosia Cropz fertilizers. They are easy to use and deliver great results. In addition, I have saved money on nutrient costs while increasing quality and yield. I would put Ambrosia Cropz up against any hydro nutrient line.

Renze Waddington owner of The Epic Remedy

Our Aaron Hoare on tips for fertilization. Read the full article in the link below!

Kent Gruetzmacher

So thankful to have found Aaron and the Ambrosia Cropz Crew! These guys were there to help from step one of our irrigation upgrade. From creating the design and layout of the new irrigation system, to installing the major overhaul in a commercial facility with NO hold-ups in production, these guys were amazing! I would highly recommend Ambrosia Cropz to any cultivator looking to install or improve any irrigation systems! Super clean work, and certified PRO’s in the latest fertigation tech. Thanks so much fella’s!

John Whitehead - Director of Cultivation